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The Lalit Narayan Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social change, Patna, initially established as The Bihar Institute of Economic Development was renamed in 1975 as `The L.N. Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social change, Patna, to commemorate the memory of late Shri Lalit Narayan Mishra, Union Railway Minister, and a symbol of dynamic growth and social change. The Institute has by now successfully completed a more than two decades of its glorious existence and established itself as one of the top management educations centers in the country.

Institute has been honoured by getting collaboration with the school of Business, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. This has not only opened a new vista for only the exchange of Faculty Members and desirous management participants for ensuing higher studies abroad but it has also provided an opportunity to adopt the various new techniques and methods in the teaching of management science &computer science as adopted in the world. The institute is now well equipped with highly qualified Faculty Members, a very rich Library, a modern Computer Center and a Research Wing of qualified competent and devoted research workers.

With the opening of the new building campus, the Institute now presents a congenial environment for the development and research pursuits.


Research Wing:

The Institute has created a full- fledged Research Wing comprising competent, qualified and full-time research workers. The Research Wing carries out intensive research on different socio-economics, managerial, demographic problem of vital significance. In the past this Wing has completed several research projects for different Governments and International Agencies, some of which were acclaimed as work of, top excellence.

The Institute has completed the following research projects: -

1. "Evaluation of Food For Work Program" a study at the instance of the U.S. Agency for International Development, New Delhi.

2. Land Leveling/Clearing Study at the instance of the U.S. Agency for International Development, New Delhi.

3."Functional Analysis and Administrative Practices of U.P. Universities" a pilot study at the instance of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi.

4. "Evaluation of special components plan" of Bihar state leather industries Development Corporation, Patna.

5. "A study of untouchability practices in seven district of Bihar" sponsored by the Bihar state scheduled casts co-operative Development Corporation, Patna

6. "Impact Evaluation study of unemployment Benefit schemes of the government of Bihar"

A large number of research projects are presently in progress. To cite a few:

1."An Evaluation of national rural employment program (NREP) in Bihar" sponsored by ministry of agriculture and rural development, government of India.

2.The institute has been selected to conduct survey in connection with the "concurrent Evaluation of IRD programme" for the Bihar zone by the ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of India.

3."Impact of the kosi project on the life and Economy of the kosi region" sponsored by irrigation Department , Government of Bihar ,Patna.

4. Growth of state Tax Revenues in Bihar.

5. "Evaluation of Experimental Projects on Adult Education Program in Bihar" sponsored by the Directorate of Adult Education Government of Bihar, Patna.

6. "Concurrent Evaluation of Rural Water Supply" sponsored by the ministry of Agriculture, Department of Rural Development, and Government of India.

7. "Impact Evaluation of Land Reforms In Bihar", sponsored by the Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

8. "On-farm Farming Systems Research for Resource Poor Farmers of Vaishali District" in collaboration with the Rajendra Agriculture University (Agriculture Research Institute, Patna). The Ford Foundation sponsors this project.


Beside these four functional areas indicated above, the institute has many more important activities, which are worth mentioning here:

1. Administrative Officer's training wing

The Administrative Officer's Training Wing of this institute has been constituted on the pattern of the administrative staff college, Hyderabad and the institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi. The main idea for starting Training Wing has been to import in-service training' to administrative personnel to I.A.S., I.E.S., I.S.S., and others. training programs for the supervisory level personnel of the co-operative Banks operating in this state and other such institutions have already been completed by this institute. Another training program organized by this institute and sponsored by the training divison, Department of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture Government ofIndia, was from May 7to 14 1987. It was meant for senior IAS officers working in the field of rural development in the five eastern states of India including Bihar, U.P., West Bengal, Orrisa and Assam. The training course was inaugurated, on May7,1987 by his excellency Shri P. Venkatasubaiah, Governor of Bihar and chairman of the L.N.Mishra institute of Economic Development & Social change, Patna. A large number of IAS officers working as deputy commissioner, deputy development commissioner and district magistrate in a number off districts a handed by training course.

2. Consultancy Division:

The consultancy division of this institute provides consultancy services to units in the public and private sectors. The main objectives of this division is to provide integrated management consultancy to the existing and new industrial units. A number of industrial organizations of this state have already been benefited by the consultancy services provided by this institute.


One of the most important activities of this institute has been publishing books and literature of high academic value from time to time. Most of the publications made by this institute have been evaluated as work of high academic order. To cite a few, the following books were published from the institute during some time past:

1. Agriculture Marketing in Bihar. 2.Industrial Financing in Bihar. 3. Land Reforms in Bihar. 4. Co-operative Banking in Bihar. 5. India Economic Development. 6.Modern Industrial Economy: Working under different economic conditions. 7. New Dimensions of Federal Finance in India. 8.Arthik Vikas Ki Nayi Pravrityan. 9.Planning and Regional Development in India. 10.Classical Economics and Indian Economy.

Besides these valuable publications the institute has recently stated publishing a half-yearly journal called 'Arthik Vikas Samiksha' which has been highly acclaimed in academic and administrative circle. The contributors to this journal include many eminent scholars and academicians not only in India but even abord, highly placed Govt. officials and others of eminence. It has been subscribed by not only libraries and academic institutions of this country but also by some of the important institutions of United States, U.K., and Canada.

4. Research guidance leading to Ph.D. Degree:

Many of the Faculty Members are presently engaged in guiding research scholars in their researches leading to Ph.d. degrees. The fields in which these researches are being carried on include Socio - economic Problems, Marketing ,Sales personal Management Industrial Relations, Finance , Production Management , etc. The Institute is very soon going to announce award of Research Fellowships to a few selected research scholars interested to carry on full - time research in the institute.

5. The Library

The Institute has maintained a well-equipped library with modern facilities. the library which has now shifted to the New Building Hall has comfortable sitting facilities, a wide range of magazines and journals, a large number of leading dailies of the country and majority of the current publications. The library has a large number of books not only in management science but also in all fields of Social Sciences. Besides the lending facilities, there are reading room facilities as well as inter-library borrowing facilities. the Institute's Library will very soon be connected with the compute line so that research scholars while sitting in the Library Hall can ask the computer for a "Search".

6. The Computer Center:

Establishment of a 'Computer Center' in an air-conditioned hall in the main building of the institute. Perhaps the most certain fact of life facing the feature manager is the tremendous role the high speed and large capacity computers will have in the management of enterprise. Thus an academic program designed to prepare feature managers must devote considerable attention to computers in business. The objective of this institute is not only to make computer specialists of the MCA students rather every graduating MBA is expected to be comfortable in a business environment in which computers are a daily part of managerial activity. He or she must be able to recognize opportunities to use the computer in managerial activities, to know what to expect from computers, and to know how to communicate effectively with computer specialists so that computerized projects will be properly handled from a managerial as well as a technical point of view.

To be comfortable with computers all MCA students should achieve a reasonable computer expertise. The capabilities and limitations of a computerized system are best learnt by actually doing some programming. It is not the intension of this institute to make MBA student's experts programmers, but rather to dispel the feeling of magic, coupled with a certain amount of fear, that many students have about computers. Through actually making the computer does some useful tasks via programs that they have written a student will quickly learn the limitations of a computers system. The computer center is expected to play a vital role in solving many of the problems which the MBA students may have or which the research scholars may be faced with the course of they're high level researches.

7. Students Services

The assist students adjustment to life in a large, urban Institution like ours and to sustain their mental, physical, and financial health once they have been enrolled, the Institute offers a wide range of students services .The following is a partial list.

(a) A part-time medical doctor has been appointed by the Institute to provide student health services (S.H.S.) on campus.

(b) The institute also provides assistance in locating suitable accommodation for the students near the institute campus. Very soon the Institute is going to construct a multistoried building hostel for the students.

(c) A Proctorial Board has been constituted to provide all types of assistance and counseling to students who are faced with any type of problems. Every student is assigned to some Proctor who listens to his problem and tries to solve it .The proctor visits the residences of the students to find out their personal problems and to suggest remedial measures.

(d) Students of the Institute are extended necessary guidance in selecting there topics for field work research and in the preparation of their field work reports they are assigned to teachers who are experts in their fields and who guide their research work right from the preparation of their synopsis.

(e) The students, both boys and girls, enrolled in this Institute also enjoy using a Common Room, which is located on the first floor of the main building. The Common Rooms, which provide in-door games and magazines, are nicely maintained and provide cozy seats to the users.

(f) The Institute is also going to start a Counseling Center where students can discuss their personal career and academic problems in individual or in-group sessions led by trained personnel.

(g) Last but not the least, there is also an air-conditioned big side auditorium in the Institute with 400 (four hundred) deluxe seats in which academic discussions and Cultural activities are organized from time to time.

8. Placement services:

The Institute has taken keen interest in assisting its students in finding suitable employment. Significant success has been obtained in this regard. Contacts with big business concerns in the state and outside are maintained and suitable candidates are recommended to them for future employment. Those who pass their MCA/MBA examinations are requested to maintain there contact with the placement Wing in the Institute and to indicate their choose of field in which they would like to seek an employment. The placement wing is in contacting leading industrial organizations of the country for finding suitable employment opportunities for the management graduates of this institute. During the last four years, the important industrial magnets of this country held five campus interviews. This wing maintains follow-up program with all the students who pass out from this institute.

9. Center for Entrepreneurship Development:

It is a matter of great pleasure for the state of Bihar that this Institute is going to establish very soon a centre for Entrepreneurship Development located in the main building of the New Campus. Bihar which has 38 districts, with a population exceeding 7.00 crores , needs establishments of a center for development of Entrepreneurial traits in young men and women. The proposed center aims to publicize, initiate, and organize institutionalized entrepreneurship development activities in the state. It will support, improve and strengthen E.D.P. activities carried out in the state so as to make them more effective. One of its objectives will be to develop indigenous entrepreneurship to serve the objective of the state in developing small scale, cottage and rural industries.

The proposed Entrepreneurship Development Center has been shaped on the lines of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (E.D.I.), Ahmedabad and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Cochin. Necessary Collaboration is being negotiated with both the Institute for making the proposed Center a success.