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Alumni's of
L.N.Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change, Patna, India

Welcome to All!! This is the new website of Alumni's of LNMI.We can share our experience, views, knowledge, skills, current situation and above all we can think of some contribution back to our institute and students studying there. Come and join this small effort to come closer....
We would like you to provide us with your current contact information, where are you in this world, your current company, place where you are working, your latest color passport size photo to be published on this web site, your family, what is the best thing you like about this web site and of course how would you like to improve this site as well.Since this is your site so we would like to hear from your.LNMites come forward and make this website a great success !!!. This Web site is currently on Freeserver.com which provides free space to build websites. We can grow further and once we feel that this place is becoming small then we will upgrade our site with more space in future. We can do a lot to contribute. So don't wait and act now and get in touch with us immediatly. Click on Contact and provide us with your details......



Statue of Lalit Narayan Mishra at the Institute

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